• Dispute proceedings

    Since its inception, our law firm has been composed exclusively of lawyers who understand how important the ability to conduct disputes, prepare for them, and predict their outcome is. We assist our clients at all stages of disputes, from talks and negotiations with their business partners, debtors or creditors, to the comprehensive assessment of the legitimacy and effectiveness of a dispute, to conducting proceedings before common courts, arbitration courts, or other bodies appointed to resolve disputes. Our many years of experience in conducting cases, our understanding of our clients’ needs, and a team of specialised lawyers all enable us to provide efficient assistance to the clients of our law firm during a difficult period of dispute.

  • Infrastructure and linear investments

    For many years, our law firm has assisted both investors and contractors in all legal issues related to the implementation of investment processes — including linear investments (roads, railways and bridges), other infrastructure investments such as the construction of water reservoirs, and social infrastructure investments, in particular the construction of hospitals, schools, universities and sports facilities. As part of our assistance, we prepare, negotiate and assess construction work contracts, general contractor agreements (including those based on FIDIC standards), design work contracts, investor supervision contracts and any other contracts required in the course of an investment process, in particular agreements with subcontractors, together with the necessary actions resulting from public procurement law in this respect.

  • Construction law

    Consultancy during the investment process. Our consultancy covers all stages of investment implementation, consultancy, negotiation and implementation of construction contracts, also according to FIDIC standards, consultancy on contracts concluded with all participants in the construction process (subcontractors, utility suppliers, etc.). We also advise on the enforcement of receivables from ongoing contracts, both by way of negotiations as well as court and arbitration proceedings.

  • Litigation. Pursuing claims and defense against claims.

    Advising in the field of pursuing claims and defending against claims is one of the leading specializations of our Law Firm. From the very beginning, the team has been created only by lawyers who understand how important an aspect of any business is the ability to conduct disputes, prepare for litigation and the ability to predict their outcome. We help our clients at all stages of disputes, from discussions and negotiations with contractors, debtors or creditors, through a comprehensive assessment of the legitimacy and effectiveness of a dispute, to conducting proceedings before common courts, conciliation, arbitration or other bodies appointed to resolve disputes. We pay particular attention to the legal protection of claims arising in connection with the investment process. Many years of experience in conducting cases, understanding the needs of clients and a team of specialized lawyers enable us to efficiently assist the Clients of the Law Firm in the difficult period of the dispute.

  • Capital market

    We are passionate about the capital market. We understand the processes taking place in this area, which — combined with our experience — allows us to effectively provide legal advisory services to investment fund associations and VC/PE funds, as well as in the scope of the issuing of bonds and other debt securities, and also modern forms of financing, such as crowdfunding and long-term investment contracts.

    We represent investment companies before administrative bodies, in particular the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA).

    We draw up prospectuses, legal due diligence reviews of companies to be acquired, and contracts for the sale of significant blocks of shares.

  • Corporate law

    As part of our ongoing rendering of services to our clients, we provide ongoing services to commercial companies and partnerships, advising them on entering into contracts, and drawing up corporate documents, as well as providing advice on labour law.

    We have gained significant experience in compliance and the rendering of services to the bodies of commercial companies and partnerships.

    For public companies, we handle all issues related to legal obligations arising from the regulations governing financial market supervision and proceedings before the PFSA.

  • Labour law

    We are committed to advising enterprises on all issues related to labour law. We create employment contracts, employee handbooks and documentation related to Employee Capital Plans (PPK). We have also gained significant professional experience in legal advice on employment restructuring, including correct collective redundancies.

    Understanding how important it is to keep trade secrets nowadays, we create employee and managerial NDAs and non-competition agreements.

    We also know from our experience how important it is to properly regulate working time in an enterprise, and we develop comprehensive solutions in this area in co-operation with our clients.
    We successfully represent employers in resolving disputes with employees. We have gained considerable experience in the amicable settlement of disputes, even during court proceedings. On the other hand, in the absence of the amicable settlement of a case, we represent our clients effectively in courts all over Poland.

  • Public procurement

    Our law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to both contractors and contracting authorities at all stages of public procurement procedures. Our many years of experience as a team of specialists providing services to public and private entities in the area of public procurement law allow us to offer our clients full support in proceedings, based not only on public procurement but also on PPP projects or other models of public-private co-operation. Our services include, in particular, support at all stages of proceedings, including preparation of documentation required in the proceedings, consultation, preparation of specialist legal opinions in the field of public procurement law or PPP, representation in cases related to changes in signed contracts, advice in control proceedings, and representation in appeal proceedings. More than 10 years of experience in representing parties to public procurement before the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) and before common courts, including in multi-entity proceedings and proceedings taking into account the obligation to protect classified information, allow our law firm to accept even the most complicated public procurement and PPP cases that require the adoption of a non-standard approach.

  • The market for special activities

    Our law firm provides specialist services to entities operating in the sector related to state security and defence. We understand how important trust, knowledge of the specific nature of the conducted activities, and — above all — legal regulations are in this sector. Our many years of experience and knowledge of the market and the conditions in which entities operating in this industry provide their services or manufacture their products allow us to help our clients even with the most complicated cases. We represent our clients during proceedings before the Ministry of Defence, the Armaments Inspectorate, the Department of Permits and Concessions and the National Appeals Chamber (KIO), including cases of international scope.

  • Medical market

    Since its inception, our law firm has assisted entities providing medical services or entities providing their services to medical entities in the scope of the legal aspects of their activities.

    Our experienced team, which provides services to medical entities, including hospitals, suppliers of medical equipment and manufacturers of medical devices, as well as conducting disputes in cases concerning healthcare and disputes with the National Health Fund (NFZ), and also conducting specialist training, procurement proceedings and negotiations, has all the competences and appropriate tools required to provide professional services to entities of this sector - which is one of the most important branches of the economy in terms of its social and economic significance.