Law firm

KKP law firm

Law is a field in which professionalism is manifested primarily in effectiveness. It is also necessary to understand the client’s needs and pay attention to details. Clients do not need to have knowledge of law. They are represented by a lawyer, whose task it is to effectively achieve the goal set by the client.

In our law firm, a business approach based on effectiveness goes hand in hand with the highest quality of the services we provide. Our fascination with this unique discipline, combined with many years of experience, allows us to guide our clients safely and effectively through the intricacies of legal complexity.


We understand the rules of the world around us. We have an excellent knowledge of law. We know how business works. We are characterised by COURAGE. We believe in the methods which we have developed, based on our experience and knowledge – which continue to expand. EFFECTIVENESS is our priority.

The experience we have gained while working in almost all areas of law translates into the versatility of our team. Each member of our team is an expert in his or her respective field. The strategic fields on which we focus our particular attention include investment financing, corporate services, power industry, transport, property and public procurement. We ensure the COMPREHENSIVENESS of our services.

All these values together allow us to create valuable and lasting business relations with our clients. The result is SECURITY, the high quality of our work and trust between the client and the lawyer.